WindEnergy Magazine “Windunie: The complete story”

Windunie: developing with and for the community. When in 1998 the energy market was liberalised in the Netherlands, all of a sudden wind turbine owners were free to choose who they wanted to sell their electricity to, just like the energy companies in turn had the right to refuse.
This completely changed the energy market. Axel Posthumus saw an opportunity and started a company to help wind turbine owners renegotiate their contracts. Later on, he became part of the cooperative Windunie.
Today Windunie is one of the four largest Dutch renewable energy developers, next to Eneco, Nuon/Vattenfall and Raedthuys. When he started his own company, Green Utility Company, in 1998, Axel Posthumus managed to help a large part of the wind turbine owners renegotiate their contracts. Read full interview with Axel Posthumus.